Crowdstrike Strikes the IT Cloud!

Millions of PCs and Laptops around the World Crashes and Creates Chaos

A suspicious ‘update’ from the Cybersecurity vendor, Crowdstrike has caused massive IT system failures all around the globe, with some calling this the largest IT outage in history

The problem is caused by a strange decision of someone at Cloudstrike, whose Cybersecurity software are used in the majority of the worlds largest corporations, to push an update late in the week. The update immediately caused almost all Windows PC systems with the Crowdstrike installed, to crash and display the dreaded Blue Screen of Doom (BSOD).

A temporary fix has been found to get the crashed PC systems to get back up again but it requires a manual rebooting and removing of files, which can be a hugely tedious and time consuming tasks for the IT departments in most organizations.

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Genshin Impact: Neuvillete – Nerfed and Unnerfed Again!

With free Primogen gifts for the nerfing and the unnerfing of him

Genshin Impact’s developer, Hoyoverse nerfed Neuvillette yesterday, a popular damage dealer in the game, to stop players from using his helicopter style move that gives him significant power and advantage in the game.

Unfortunately for Hoyoverse, its China-based players balked at the nerfing of that game character and lodged many complaints with the national regulator on the practices of Hoyoverse, which they deem as cheating.

The heat from the China players was too much for Hoyoverse and today, they admitted their fault and agreed to unnerf Neuvilette. At the same time, all players will also be given a generous 10 pull on the game character banners of Genshin Impact.

The move to nerf Neuvillette was seen as suspicious because it came close to the release of a new Hydro character and players suspected Hoyoverse was trying to promote the new character by nerfing Neuvillette. Further, the Neuvillette helicopter move was known for a long time and if Hoyoverse was serious about the helicopter move being a bug, then they should have nerfed him within the first two weeks of his release.

So, it is good for all the players that they are getting double rewards on the Neuvillette scandal and Hoyoverse should learn to be more circumspect on how they deal with nerfing of their game characters.

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Genshin Impact: Furina – The Fabulous Actor

The fake archon is a wonderful support in the game

Character Demo


Furina, a versatile Hydro Sword user, excels as a Sub DPS character in Genshin Impact. With her unique abilities and flexible build options, she can be a valuable addition to many team compositions. Here’s an in-depth guide to help you get the most out of Furina.


  • Splendor of Tranquil Waters
  • Best-in-slot weapon providing a significant boost to Furina’s Hydro DMG and overall DPS.
  • Primordial Jade Cutter
  • Enhances CRIT Rate and offers a substantial increase in ATK based on max HP.
  • Festering Desire (R5)
  • Increases Elemental Skill DMG and CRIT Rate.
  • Key of Khaj-Nisut
  • Boosts Elemental Mastery and HP.
  • Favonius Sword
  • Improves Energy Recharge, aiding in frequent Elemental Burst usage.


  1. Golden Troupe (4-piece)
  • Increases Furina’s overall DMG output, making her attacks more potent.
  1. Tenacity of the Millelith (4-piece)
  • Boosts HP and provides an additional ATK buff to the team.
  1. Hybrid Sets
  • Combining 2 pieces of Golden Troupe with 2 pieces of Heart of Depth or Tenacity of the Millelith offers a balance of DMG and survivability.

Main Stats

  • Sands: Energy Recharge
  • Goblet: Hydro DMG Bonus
  • Circlet: CRIT Rate / CRIT DMG


  • Prioritize Energy Recharge, CRIT Rate, CRIT DMG, and HP%.

Ascension and Talent Materials

To fully ascend Furina and maximize her talents, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Varunada Lazurite Sliver/Fragment/Chunk/Gemstone
  • Lakelight Lily
  • Whopperflower Nectar, Shimmering Nectar, Energy Nectar
  • Water That Failed To Transcend
  • Lightless Mass

Talent Prioritization

  1. Elemental Burst: Let the People Rejoice
  • Enhances Furina’s DPS and provides party-wide buffs.
  1. Elemental Skill: Salon Solitaire
  • Summons Hydro entities that attack enemies and heal allies.
  1. Normal Attack: Soloist’s Solicitation
  • Useful for dealing consistent damage and triggering effects.

Best Team Compositions

How to Use – SevyPlays

Vaporize Team

  • Main DPS: Xiangling
  • Sub DPS: Xingqiu
  • Support: Bennett
  • Sub DPS: Furina
    This team leverages Vaporize reactions to maximize DPS output, with Furina providing Hydro application and additional DPS.

Hyperbloom Team

  • Main DPS: Alhaitham
  • Sub DPS: Furina
  • Support: Nahida
  • Sub DPS: Electro character (e.g., Fischl)
    This composition focuses on triggering Hyperbloom reactions for massive DMG.

Quickbloom Team

  • Main DPS: Cyno
  • Sub DPS: Furina
  • Support: Nahida
  • Support: Baizhu
    This team utilizes Quickbloom reactions to quickly eliminate foes.


Furina is a dynamic character whose potential is unlocked with the right weapons, artifacts, and team compositions. Whether you prefer a DPS-focused build or a hybrid support role, Furina can adapt and excel in various scenarios. Invest in her ascension and talents to unleash her full power on the battlefield.

    Genshin: Natlan Revealed

    Genshin’s Fire Nation Revealed…to huge disappointment

    Natlan, one of the 7 nations of Genshin, is revealed! It is a nation of pyro or fire and from the trailers, its main theme is based on a tournament that looks like pokemon tournament. A number of new characters are reveled, the main one being Mavuika, who is believed to be the Pyro Archon.

    Natlan will be playable to Genshin fans on the August 27 2024, when the 5.0 version of Genshin Impact is released.

    Official Trailer
    Teaser Trailer
    In-depth look by CatwithBlueHat
    Jello Reaction

    Zenless Zone Zero Launched!

    Persona5 art style game with gacha mechanics that can be played for free.

    Zenless Zone Zero Review: A Thrilling Cyberpunk Adventure

    Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ), the latest offering from HoYoverse, is a vibrant and action-packed cyberpunk RPG that promises to captivate both new players and seasoned fans of the genre. With its dynamic combat, engaging storylines, and stunning visuals, ZZZ stands out as a must-play game this year.

    Official Launch Trailer

    Gameplay and Combat

    At the heart of Zenless Zone Zero is its exhilarating combat system. The game features a blend of fast-paced action and strategic depth, ensuring every encounter feels fresh and exciting. Players can perform over-the-top combos, utilize a reactive dodge mechanic, and switch between characters to create synergies that suit their play style. The introduction of Bangboo, an adorable robotic companion, adds another layer of strategy by offering damage, healing, and stat boosts.

    The game encourages players to experiment with different team compositions and attributes, akin to the systems in Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail. However, ZZZ emphasizes mono-attribute teams, making it easier to form powerful combinations without the stress of maintaining balance across multiple attributes.

    Exploration and Story

    Exploration in Zenless Zone Zero is uniquely designed, combining elements of rogue-like gameplay with traditional RPG mechanics. Players navigate a grid-like map made of TV screens, tackling various objectives and uncovering secrets along the way. The diversity in exploration, from dodging trains to tower defense-style missions, keeps the gameplay engaging and unpredictable.

    The narrative is equally compelling, with each character having their own mission lines and backstories. These are presented in a video archive format, adding depth to the world and allowing players to immerse themselves in the lore of New Eridu and the Hollow. The story is filled with dialogue and interactions, making the game world feel alive and dynamic.

    Visuals and Design

    Zenless Zone Zero boasts stunning visuals that are a feast for the eyes. The character designs are detailed and expressive, and the animations are fluid, bringing the cyberpunk world to life. The vibrant art style and the meticulous attention to detail make every moment in the game visually appealing.

    Challenges and Accessibility

    While the game is designed to be beginner-friendly, offering a manageable combat experience in the early stages, it ramps up in difficulty as players progress. This balance ensures that both newcomers and veterans find the game challenging and rewarding. However, some players might find the story a bit hard to follow due to its complex narrative structure, and the amount of dialogue can sometimes feel overwhelming.

    Quality of Life and Content

    Zenless Zone Zero is packed with content, from daily and weekly events to various challenges that reward players with multiple currencies. The game offers a plethora of activities, ensuring that there is always something to do. However, some quality-of-life improvements, such as better UI navigation and the ability to save team compositions, would enhance the overall experience.


    Zenless Zone Zero is a vibrant and engaging game that offers a unique blend of action, strategy, and storytelling. With its stunning visuals, dynamic combat, and rich content, it is set to be a standout title in HoYoverse’s portfolio. Whether you are a fan of cyberpunk, RPGs, or just looking for an exciting new game to dive into, Zenless Zone Zero is sure to deliver hours of entertainment.

    Download the game here: Zenless Zone Zero

    Genshin Impact: Sigewinne – The Melusine Healer

    New playable character from Fontaine


    Sigewinne is a new 4-star Hydro support character first released in version 4.7 of Genshin Impact. She originates from Fontaine and known for her work as a nurse in the Merusea region. She has an Otter companion named Cuilein-Anbar. Sigewinne’s abilities center around her healing capabilities.

    Elemental Skill

    “Melodic Serenade,” releases healing energy that restores HP to nearby allies.


    “Harmonic Waves,” creates a field that continuously heals characters within it and boosts their healing received.

    Recommended Team Composition

    Main DPS (Pyro or Cryo):

    • Hu Tao (Pyro): Hu Tao can benefit greatly from Sigewinne’s healing, as she often operates at low HP to maximize her damage output. The Vaporize reaction (Hydro + Pyro) also increases damage.
    • Ganyu (Cryo): Ganyu can utilize the Freeze reaction (Hydro + Cryo) to immobilize enemies, making it easier to land her powerful charged shots.

    Sub DPS (Electro or Cryo):

    • Fischl (Electro): Fischl’s Oz provides consistent Electro damage, which can react with Sigewinne’s Hydro application to trigger Electro-Charged.
    • Rosaria (Cryo): Rosaria can help maintain the Freeze reaction while also providing additional damage and crit rate support.

    Support (Anemo or Geo):

    • Venti (Anemo): Venti can group enemies together, making it easier for Sigewinne to heal the whole party and for the main DPS to hit multiple targets. His elemental burst also spreads Hydro application.
    • Zhongli (Geo): Zhongli offers strong shields that complement Sigewinne’s healing, ensuring the team’s survivability.

    Example Team:

    • Main DPS: Hu Tao
    • Sub DPS: Fischl
    • Support: Venti
    • Healer: Sigewinne

    Rotation Strategy:

    1. Start with Venti to gather enemies with his elemental burst.
    2. Switch to Fischl to summon Oz and apply Electro.
    3. Use Sigewinne’s elemental skill to apply Hydro and start healing.
    4. Switch to Hu Tao to trigger Vaporize with her Pyro attacks.
    5. Repeat the cycle to maintain constant elemental reactions and healing.

    Wuthering Waves Released!

    Competitor for Genshin Impact from Kuro Games

    Wuthering Waves, a free game with loot mechanics, have been launched worldwide on 22 May (US) or 23 May in Asia. It has been touted as the the best alternative for Genshin Impact, the wildly successful free game with loot mechanics, launched in 2020.

    Wuthering Waves is an open world RPG(role playing game) where the player can choose between a male or a female main character to play the game.

    Here are some videos on getting started in the game:

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