Zenith VR MMO

Zenith: The Last City is an online VR game which uses Massive Multiplayer Online concepts to in its gaming world and has many events and quests for the players to get into. Players can play either solo or join together with other players to complete them. This game is made by Ramen VR, originally starting this project on Kickstarter.

Zenith can be played on Steam VR, Oculus and also on Playstation VR.

Link Zenith’s website is here.

Beginner’s Guide

Class Guide

There are two major classes in this game – Essence Mage (Magical) and Blade Master (Warrior).

A new class Cyber Ninja (Assassin) will be added later.

Each class has 3 sub-classes – DPS or attacker, Tank and Healer. When starting the game, we have to choose a class and then a subclass.

DPS Mage Guide

DPS Blademaster Guide